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It’s super easy to pre-order comics you want to read and to make sure you get them the day it comes out! Here’s a handy form to take to your local shop! Happy reading, Sleepyheads!

As shown off on the awesome @SleepyHollowWriters twitter, SLEEPY HOLLOW concept art by Jorge Coelho, the artist of the upcoming SLEEPY HOLLOW comic (written by the rad Marguerite Bennett and featuring short stories by Noelle Stevenson) only from BOOM! Studios, coming out October 2014!
If you want to make sure you’ll have a copy saved for you, you can pre-order your copy with your favorite local comic book shop using the hand-dandy ordering form above!
All you have to do:

1) Print this form out today.
2) Fill it out, including how many copies (it’s $3.99 an issue!) you’d like to buy!
3) Bring it into your local comic shop on Wednesday when you go buy new comics, or if you’ve never been to your local comic shop, you can find one here. 
4) Pick up SLEEPY HOLLOW #1 in October and be the envy of all your friends!

Any questions, don’t hesitate to poke!
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BOOM! Studios brings Sleepy Hollow to the world of comics. You won’t find these panels anywhere else…but if you desire more, order future issues here.

To see some exclusive Sleepy Hollow comics click here for Ichabod Panels and here for Jenny Panels.

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Season 2 trailer for Sleepy Hollow 

"Sleepy Hollow First Look: "Evil Takes Hold" in the Wild Season 2 Promo—Watch Now." (Source: E! Online)

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Sleepy Hollow season 2 will premier Monday, September 22 

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